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At Lanthanein Resources, ESG is intrinsic to our business. We are focusing on leveraging lithium and rare earth elements to aid the transition to clean energy and contribute to decarbonisation efforts. Recognising the significance of ESG in today’s business landscape, we ensure our operations and strategies are transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.

Since January 2022, our ESG reporting has been guided by the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics. This framework provided a baseline for transparently communicating our ESG activities and progress. Looking ahead, we plan to align with other global frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the International Financial Reporting Standards sustainability standards IFRS S1 & S2. This integration will enhance our understanding and reporting on ESG topics that are most relevant to both Lanthanein and our stakeholders.

Our commitment to ESG is not just about compliance or reporting; it’s about ensuring our business practices have a lasting, positive impact on the environment and society. We’re dedicated to continually evaluating and improving our ESG strategies to meet evolving standards and stakeholder expectations.

Lanthanein ESG Baseline Report 2022

Lanthanein ESG Report 2023